Jul 9



GRENADES European Vacation: Part 1


Viva la France

After a hectic travel day of flying the crew was finally together in Geneva.  Lost Bags, Airport Skating, No Sleep!  But we still had a ton of ground to cover to get to our new home in Europe, a 30 foot campervan in Marseille, France. The next moring it was time to Grenade Bomb the bus and start spreading the vibe on the Euro highways.

We hit the road and after a day of driving we finally made it to Les 2 Alps for the Kumi Yama shred event. Next morning we hit the slopes hard and had FUN!  Officially Dustin Cravens new favorite word, "FUN!" After a bit of warming up it was time to compete and attack the jump all at the same time.  The wild tripod of Dustin Craven, Eero Niemela, and myself..  Kumi Yama was great!

Les 2 Alps is awesome.  They have an Alpine Slide.  Dingo got a little to fast and dangerous and launched off the track into the French forest.  After a few days of fun in the sun it is time to hit the road. Off to Munich where the adventure will continue.

General Danny Kass


Tom Ryen..  Paris Airport.  Right before Cutoms.

On a boat!  In Marseille.

Pit stop headed to Les 2 Alps.

Eero!  We stole him from Finland for a bit..

General Kass.

Slash of the trip.  Dingo!

Dustins binding was broken..  Psych!

The Wild Tripod.

General Kass Blasts.

Craven Blasts Too!!  Check out Messier and I on the top.  He's flying.

The Party Train was on the fast track to German town.

Germany is gonna be titties.



Photo's by Jeffrey Moustache