Jul 19



After our longest Autobahn haul yet, we put the ECU Campervan (European Command Unit) to the test! 12 hours later we were finally able to take a rinse in the sky blue waters of Lake Geneva.  Some people had to get naked because trunks couldn't be found but whatever..  When in Lake Geneva, right? Oh the healing powers of this Lake!  After our dip we high tailed it to Munich.  Late night arrival got the Squadron pumped for the days and nights to come.  Next morning we meet up with Klaus, our esteemed Pleasure Magazine tour guide, but in our ranks he is the Commander of the Boner squad!  We toured the city, skated and waited for the sun to go down.  Dustin Craven, Louie Vito, and Eero Niemela were fiending for the Eisbach wave in Munich????!  Surfing in Munich!  New age German river surfing.  Dustin, fresh off a surf vacation in Central America was shredding!  Tossing Euro Buckets.  After getting Barreled we mapped course for yet a another long journey to Berlin for the BRIGHT Tradeshow were we set up a Booth in an old SS building in WWII Russian controlled Germany.  The Tradeshow was awesome.  So many friends, lots of German Bier's, way too much Hasselhoff, a bit of Skateboarding, our homies from Makia and The Hundreds, what more could the Soldiers ask for!  The show left the crew with a fierce need to howl at the Moon in the streets of Berlin.  So we did.  Good thing we had Klaus, Commander of the Boner Squad as our guide.  If not our crew of Grenade Shred Wolves would have probably never made it out alive.  Grenade Werewolves in Berlin..  All in all the best city we hit so far.  Very different.  Lots of history, and totally wild.  The Next day we embarked to our next destination in Austria I could not leave with putting our mark on the Berlin Wall.  Lucky for us a peace parade was happening 100 hundred feet down the wall so the Polizei were too pre occupied to catch us.  Hahahahahaha!
You'll never get us coppers ...yeah....YEAH YEAH!

Austria Awaits

General Danny Kass



Lake Geneva.

Munich Bus Tour.

Party Monks.

Eisbach Wave, Munich Germany.

Tossing Buckets.


Tom Ryen.  Berlin's Rocky.

Do Work.

Bier.  German for Beer.

GRENADE General in Berlin.

Dustin Craven in Berlin!

Eric Messier in Berlin.

Berlin's Rocky..  Tom Ryen!

Captain Eero and Tom Tom.  

Boner Squad!


Our Piece of the Wall..




 Photos by J. Moustache!



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