Jul 26


Our journey took the Squad out of Berlin headed south into Austria.  The Dachstein Glacier!  We rolled the ECU into town at 5AM, jumped on a trampoline, harassed some farm animals and crashed out for a few hours before heading to the hill.  Eero Niemela, The Dingo, Dustin Craven, Tom Ryen, Louie Vito, Rip Zinger and crew boarded the crazy Tram that went straight vertical.  So many Poma lifts.  Tired arms but some serious stuff went down.  Dingo threw a 7, Tom Tom almost killed rip on the knuckle, then the rain set in.  People were partying their Austrian faces off at the base of the Mtn.  Feeling right at home amidst the Lederhosen and Biers.  After being pushed from the Austrian Alps due to lightning and heavy
assualts from the Traditionals in Lederhosen we we off to battle our next glacier in the Northern Region of Italy.  A small town with a big Mtn. known at Val Senales.  When we arrived we were so tired and beat down that "The Shining" style resort full of awesome amenities and delicious rations was the perfect change of pace from the blown out OCMT (Overloaded Camper Mover Transport, also known as the ECU, European Command Unit).  Tom Tom went straight to work at the skatepark in town while myself, Eric Messier, Eero, and Jordan did an autograph signing for some locals (Cows).  We got threatened by the Cows handler with a giant walking stick and someone got shoved.  He was lucky this European Vacation was meant as a peace mission.  The Bonersquad hit up a BBQ held in our honor by the local talent.  DJ Messy Dick also known as Eric Messier blew those Euro minds apart with mixes until a raging lightning storm forced us inside.  The next morning we were up early and ready to take on the 20 meter jump (100+ footer). We went up the glacier with a team of elite Italian soldiers and Sargent Eero was not afraid to lead the Squadron into shred park battle!!!!  Private Craven, Vito and Ryen, and Myself were right behind to shut down the gentlemens camp.  After destroying a quaint Italian Village and it's looming Mtn. we were on the road again and off to our final front.  Switzerland..

General Danny Kass

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, OLE, OLE!

Eero.  Style for Kilometers in the Alps.

Tom Tom.  Skate Much?

On the edge of some serious cliffs.

T-Bars for D Bags.

Dachstein is sweet.


Rip Zinger Everyone!


Louie can backflip anything..

Gear for years.

Tom Tom somewhere in Route to Italy.

Val Senales.  We have arrived.

5 0 in Italy.

Hey Wait Up!

Captain Eero.  Beef Lover.

Party Animals.

Pre Techno Fest.

A Feast fit for a General.

DJ Eric Messier!

Lightining and Techno!

Dustin Craven.

Look out for Chopper Tom.

Eeros in there somewhere...

Glacial Days are the best.

New Recruits?


Photos Courtesy of J Moustache and RIP ZINGER