Aug 10


GRENADE invades Switzerland / Suisse / die Schweiz and takes in some much needed R&R..

After a few serious weeks of travel it was time to find some peace in the neutral Suisse Alps.

This country was all about surprises and I think we had a surpise for every team rider on vacation.  In the land of chocolate and cheese we were limited to get by on the local rations.  Our accomodations were a step back about 200 years but a welcome experience for the squad.

Our Swiss Counterparts had an entire plan of attack mapped out upon entry into die Schweiz.  First task, BioMotor Biking!  These bikes were nuts.  You pedal and the space motor converts your power and transmits it up to 4X back into the gears.  The crew was flying around like bats outta hell.  Bio Biking was pretty intense so we took a break at a nearby Mini Golf course.  The rounds were pretty heated.  But who woulda guessed the squad was so good at golf.

Next stop was a quaint Swiss cottage somewhere in the pristine Alps near Laax.  The owner of the land was a traditionalist and treated us to an oldtime Swiss lunch complete with some milking of his prized animal.  The bottle of the Schnapster this guy had was awesome.  Swiss Moonshine.  I think Eric Messier convince him to part with it.  After making cheese and enjoying ourselves it was time to hit the lake and little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me in Laax..  A surprise party at Swiss General Nicolas Muellers' and some swimming in one of the most beautiful lakes yet.!  We drew out our next plan of attack and it was time to set sail or motor to lake rather and invent a new Swiss pastime.  Paint Ball Wakeboarding!  Sorry boys but there's 50 Euro on the nutz!

Don't fire til you see the whites of their eyes was my only instruction for the enlisted Swiss Military Men bent on taking my squad out like a Lake Zurich Sniper..  The Dingo had the best Paint Ball Wakeboarding getup.  Rocking a mask and cup weren't enough to protect him from aim to kill.  I think Dustin Craven might have even caught one in the brown eye as he was blasting over the wake.  The Super Fast Malibu boats dropped us in Downtown Zurich in time to skate a bit then load up en route to Saas Fee.

Saas Fee is a blast from the Swiss past.  No cars allowed in the winding cobblestone streets!  Only little electric cart style rigs.  After riding one of the most epic glacier zones in Europe and the world for that matter we took in a rustic Fondue dinner with the Team and our friends at Popcorn (a Shred Shop / Bar) threw us a little shin dig complete with DJ Frederick Kalbermatten!  Eat Ruesti in Saas Fee!  

Switzerland we will miss you!  After partying late into the Alpen night we had to put rubber to pavement and hightail it to Geneva for our transport home.

Messier flying the flag.

Our 1st rest stop.  So psyched on Swizerland.

Tucked away in beautiful country.

Showoff Eero...

Dingo Bikes!

So does Tom Tom!

Hold Up Soldiers.

Go Team!

We Mini Golf?

Louie keeping score..  I don't trust it.

Jordan Brown.  His Mom's good at Golf..

Eero Niemela.  Hole in 1 Maricon.

Switzerland has cool goats.

Messier giving the goat a drag.

Swiss farm footwear.

Our Host!


Whoa Tom!


This rock is where Nicolas practices air awareness.

Toms got pop.



Ping Pong at Nicolas'.

Tom Tom.  Late skate by Nicos'.

Danny and The Dingo.  Getting wet in Lake Zurich.

Piggy Back Waking?

Man of many boards.  Dustin Craven.

Where's the POW?

Ready for Battle?


Zurich's LOVE Park!

Too Fast.  Too Dangerous.  Saas Fee.

Boner Squad!  Boner Commander Klaus and Jordan Brown.

Saas Vibes..

Rip Zinger does Shiatsu.  The Dingo gets some PT.

Wild streets of Saas Fee.  It's Electric.  Don't trip.


Snacking before Fondue.


Popcorn.  Poppin Off!

Ughhhhh..  Get me home.  Dustin Craven might have had a better time than everyone in Saas Fee.

 Farewell to the many lands we have visited and the friends we have made.  We made a lot of memories out there that we will someday tell our children (not our wives!) and they will tell their children and their childrens children.  Stuff so legendary that if time reverts back to the cave man era our exploits will be drawn on the walls of Alpen caves and they will depict this!


 Thank you everyone for being a part of our adventure!  Big ups to all the riders, filmers, Klaus, Rip Zinger, and anyone and everyone who stepped foot on the bus!  Maybe we will name the next GRENADE Movie.. "The Men That Milk Goats"..

 General Danny Kass


Once again..  Extra special thanks to:

Jeffrey Moustache!  Thanks for being there and photographing our memories!

Rip Zinger!  Europe wouldn't have been half as awesome if you hadn't stowed away on the bus my man!

Klaus!  Boner Commander!  Without you we would have been lost.  Thanks for the hang Commander!  Pleasure Magazine!