Sep 21


GRENADE Rider Dustin Craven rides for CAPITA!

CAPITA's new website is live and will blow your mind.

Take a minute or 20 of your pitiful day and check out the site. 

Interview with Dustin straight from CAPITA:

The 2009/2010 season was interesting. Instead of filming and doing contests as I had in the past, I took the full season on trying to make the Canadian Olympic team. I also was able to go to some really cool events such as Tail Gate Alaska and the Grenade Games in Whistler.

The way the Olympics went for me was… I missed them by one spot - so what ended up happening was that I got to go as a fore runner. Which meant I got to go ride the pipe and see the whole event. The best part of it was that I had all the access to get into what ever I wanted, but I really had no responsibility. So with being able to do what ever I wanted and Monster getting me a super nice hotel room, I was able to fill my room with 10 of my best friends and party every night at what I call the best party in the world. It would have been cool to represent my country but I think I put on a pretty good show representing them at the bar!

This summer was cool I got to go on a trip to Europe for three weeks with the Danny and Dingo TV show. We went to like 7 different counties and met so many sweet people, it was a side of Europe I had never really seen since usually I would just fly there do a contest, party, and get the f out of there. For the rest of my summer I just hung out in Banff fishing and skateboarding, which was a blast. Also, I got to have my first threesome this summer, and can tell you they’re awesome!

Nah, but we do want to make some more based on other topics. Maybe a “how to catch a predator” one.

This winter my plan is to make the move from Banff (my home for 2 years) and go to Squamish. Also this year I plan on not entering a single contest and focusing on what I really love: filming in the backcountry. I have not gone without doing more than 15 contests a year since I was 16 and I think just filming this year for CAPiTA’s new team movie will be my biggest step to find what I really want out of snowboarding.

When I was 17 I went up sledding for the first time and wanted to drop this big cliff but ended up going off the wrong way and doing a 40 to dead flat. I bit my tongue off when my knee hit my jaw, it was all pretty funny because it was also how I ended up with my infamous black tooth.

Petting in Norway, that place is heaven for hot chicks.

I think everyone wants to be a dad, but I don’t plan on it until I can find a woman that is willing to let me be a stay at home dad, I think I’d be great at staying at home.

STD capital of the world.

Red neck oil hungry freaks.

Man the myth the legend.

Awesome. I got out there and got it pretty good my first time. I remember that by the third time that I went out I could do 180 off of cat tracks.... really shitty ones, but I did them.

Last night I had a dream about me and a girl making out, which then turned into the dream were you don’t know were you left your pass port. Which is a real kick in the nuts, ‘cause its my worst thought. Since I lost my drivers license last year, its the only ID I have. And, no ID = no bar...SCARY!

Anyone that thinks it’s just about the tricks and that shit. Snowboarding is about the people and the places.

That you can have the best and the worst days up there but when you get home, you’re not really worried about it, because you know that there is always tomorrow, and you’re doing what you love.

Craig Kelly

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Special thanks to Blue Montgomery for making CAPITA and Dustin what they are.  Good looks Blue!