Feb 23

2/23/2011 2:27 PM 


Two weekends ago, our Korean allies hosted Grenade Games Korea 4 at Phoenix Park Resort Ski World.  Grenade Games Korea has been going strong since 2008, and this year was a huge success thanks to Afro Korea and major company sponsors Oakley, Forum, Capita, Union, Dragon, New Era, Four Square, Neff, and more. 

With an increase of 30% in attendance, GGK 4 saw nearly 300 riders participate in what appeared to be a truly epic party on the slopes.  Riders were able to attend for free and experience events in Half Pipe, Quarter Pipe, Jibbing (straight and rainbow rail), Sleigh Riding, with a rocking After Party.  Plenty of beer quaffing was had in true Grenade spirit.  GGK 4 is just another leading example in our campaign for world domination.


More photos here.

Attendees fell victim to an artillary assault of free swag and product along with a good buzz provided by GGK 4 event holders Afro Korea. We look forward to many more Afro Korea events on the frozen field.