Mar 2

3/2/2011 1:14 PM 

For Grenade Army Troops that do a little fishing, we offer mission GGAM16, Gone Fishing.  Here's some loyal Grenade Army Soldiers with their prized catches.


SERGEANT BRANDT OLSON, Soldier ID #9749, caught this Northern Pike from the Dead River in Marquette, MI.

STAFF SERGEANT JAMES THOMAS, Soldier ID #9994, grew up on the water.  Needless to say we're sure he was excited to submit this amazing catch.

CORPORAL JOSEPH NELSON, Soldier ID #9969, with the best fish he ever caught!


Here's SERGEANT JAMES SPINAZOLA, Soldier ID #10107, with a beautiful catch.

And here's FIRST SERGEANT NICHOLAS ASHBY, Soldier ID #9714, with his decent haul in the great state of Washington.



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