May 24


Dustin Craven


From The Dingo (5/22/2011):

In the past couple of days the Grenade crew has gone Viking.  Thats right!  We headed deep into Viking territory where we became a part of the GUDVANGEN Viking town.  This is a living replica of a Viking village that's dated back to approximately 900 AD.

...and that we did!!!  Over the past couple of days we dressed, ate, partied, played games, rowed, and even slept like Vikings.

The waterfall you see here is on the Flåm Railway and is named the KJOSFOSSEN WATERFALL.  Tom Tom took us to the world famous train station of MYRDAL which is 866 meters above sea level.

After we conquered the quest of becoming Vikings we moved south where we met up to hang out with Tom Tom's family.  We even got to spend a night with the world famous black metal Thorwegien himself, Thor.

Also our local slave!!!  She taught us the ways of the Vikings and brought us to a magical cave.


We are now in OSLO, NORWAY where tomorrow we'll embark towards DUBAI.  There we'll meet back up with General Kass to take over the streets!!!  Be on the lookout for DUBAI Grenade Games!!!


Viking Valley

The Village