Jun 14



Continuing with our features on Grenade Army Soldiers we'd like to introduce to you Major General Donald Plant, #10300.  Just like Lorenzo, who was featured in our previous profile, Soldier Donald Plant has demonstrated a large number of mission completions in his time thus far.  Just a mere three ranks away from becoming General of the Army, we're proud to have MG Donald Plant serving with us.


1.       When did you enlist:  May 26,2011 I think.

2.       Favorite Sports/Hobbies/Interests:  I’m into Snowboarding, BMX, Motocross, smoking & kicking it with the homies.  You know how it is.

3.       Why did you join the Grenade Army:  Well… I love Grenade gear and everything about it.  As soon as I saw there was a Grenade Army that I could join I went head over heels with joy!

4.       What has been your favorite mission:  I think all of them are good missions in their own way  :]

5.       What’s your favorite piece of Grenade Gear that you own:   As of right now I’m digging the new gloves.  I’m hoping to get some more gear in the next few months so I might have to get back to you on this one.  Haha.

6.       What is on your Grenade wish list:  I'll be happy with anything i can get.  Haha, but it would be cool to meet some of the Grenade team.  That would be a dream come true!

7.       What’s your favorite Grenade Sticker or Logo:  I like the Skull Bomb.   I like cutting off a few fingers to make it look like mine.

8.       What can Grenade do to get you stoked:  I have been stoked since day one baby!  Grenade F@$?!ng rocks!

9.       Who’s your favorite Pro Rider:  Danny Kass and The Dingo.  Shawn White is pretty sick too.

10.   What’s your favorite Snowboard flick:  I don’t watch many videos but i love watching Danny and The Dingo, New Pollution, and Standard Snowboard Show.

11.   Where do you shred the most:  On this little hill. LOL.  Just until I get a way out to the big hills, which should be real soon.

12.   What’s your favorite Social Media Site:  eh Facebook is not a bad site.

13.   Do you follow Grenade on Facebook and/or Twitter:  Why yes, yes i do.  Both of them to be exact.


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!