Jun 23


The beautiful sunny weather (here in Oregon) and Go Skateboarding Day have come and gone.  We're dying to be back on the mountain shredding with all of our friends.  So now we are resorting to internet videos of others bombing it on the hill.

There are a ton of clips and photos from Windells and High Cascade all over the intertubes.  We're really digging all of the great riding.  Below are highlights from Sessions 1 of each camp.  YoBeat brought Forest Bailey, Will Bateman, Nial Romanek, and Johnny Lazz to Windells which seemed sick!  Also, we can't forget to mention Scott Stevens, Jed Anderson, Jesse Burtner, and Chris Grenier mentoring over at High Cascade.  The snow looked killer too which is thanks to the crazy winter with record snow dumping over Cascades -- you should see the river levels from the run off here in Portland -- SO HIGH!!!