Jul 5


Thanks to the Oregonian for a nice mention in their Sunday edition…..We’re aiming for world domination at Grenade! 

Take a behind the scenes peak into the company with a lovely photo album and learn about the growth of Grenade.  Here's a little teaser, but CLICK HERE to read the full article.

"One of the fastest-growing brands in town is Grenade, a line of gloves, apparel and footwear that Olympic medalist Danny Kass founded in California in 2006.

Kass said he moved the company to Portland in part because it was keeping its storage here and in part because of design talent.

A few years ago, he shared ownership with businessman Joseph Condorelli, who brought some product management experience. Grenade has since gone from a teetering company operating at a loss with a few employees to a thriving brand with 25 employees, an expanded product line and 2011 sales that eclipsed all of 2010."


Words by Allan Brettman, Photo Credit: Tyler Tjomsland