Jul 8



High Cascade just released their Session 2 recap video.  It's been getting lot of play on the internet and we can honestly see why.  It's a really solid edit.  We're digging their park features.  Some unique attributes lend to unique riding that for sure you wouldn't want to miss.

If you follow Grenade Team rider Scotty Lago on Twitter you were probably already aware that he was up on Mt. Hood during Session 2.  He was there shredding with all the other campers.  You can get a glimpse of him riding in the video...  And be sure to watch to the very end for some extra footy of Lago.

HCSC just started their third session with an additional three more to follow.  They reported that there's currently more snow on Mt. Hood then there normally is at this point in the summer.  That's great news and we look forward to reviewing the next recap videos in this series.