Dec 23



From The Dingo (12/21/11):

Yes!  It is Christmas time again!!!...  And Grenade, well, Danny and myself wouldn’t do it any other way than up in Mammoth with OUR family of friends!!!!!!

The last couple days we spent shredding the slopes of Mammoth with LIL JON and his family! Here’s a photo with his SON Nathan YOUNG djSLADE!!!


And while talking DJ Talk we have the entire AOKI family up here too.  They are head to toe GRENADE!!!  Yes, the one STEVE AOKI himself has brought the entire AOKI family.  From mum, to brothers, to sisters, to girlfriend!

And even some DIM MAK Frenchies!  So yeah, it’s an amazing time we having up here at Mammoth so far!!!

And last but not least that’s Danny and I posted up doing interviews for Danny and The Dingo!  Always working!!!

-The Dingo