Apr 18


General Danny Kass reports:

Follow GRENADE outerwear rider Eric Messier on his adventures shredding Euro land with Ben Rice and friends.  You can tell this was an epic trip. Good work Private Messier.  This makes you a proper cadet. 

Viva La Grenade

[Editors Note: Messier is rocking that Grenade Blast Off Jacket well!  Get right now at Tactics.com]

Video by Kevin Castanheira

Episode 4, from TransWorld SNOWboarding:
In this episode,
Ben Rice meets up with Eric Messier in Tahoe to rip some pow lines. After the good snow turned to “hot pow” they met up with Corey Smith and joined his Spring Break road trip up to Mt.Bachelor. Man spring break looks awesome. Lots of pow. Lots of good times.

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Episode 3, from TransWorld SNOWboarding:
Ben Rice and the boys are still in Europe, and they are still filming with their iPhones. Check out more of the zany action in episode 3 of Learning Nothing With Ben Rice.


Episode 2, from TransWorld Snowboarding:
In this episode Ben Rice and the dudes are in Europe. They made this with their iPhone. It’s rad, raw, and exciting.