May 4


Grenade World Headquarters just intercepted a message about shredders killing it in the great nation of Russia.  Our logical retaliation here is to flow some gear to these soldiers and share these riders with the rest of the Grenade Army.

Dima Rodnikov snowboarding in Kirovsk, Russia.

Interview with Maxim Klyushin, young flow Grenade rider
by Eddie Wouldntgo, April 27.  Translated from
original article:

Maxim Klyushin was noticed on the streets jibbing in Nizhny Novgorod. At 12 years old, Maxim rides his skateboard in the summer and his snowboard in the winter. His pack of tricks is more than many adults even have. This season, Grenade Russia added Max to its flow riders.

Tell me how you ended up putting a snowboard on, and who taught you everything?
In the summer, I always ride a skateboard, and in the winter I tried snowboarding.  And my friends helped me.

Do you remember the first time you tried a Jib?
As soon as I got on the board, I was immediately drawn to the tube.  I decided to try it, but it did not work out.

What tricks do you have down now?
Nose press, tail press, tail 270 out, nose press 180 out, FS boardslide, FS lip slide, BS lip slide.

What did you have to learn for this season?
50-50, 50-50 180 out, tail slide, nose slide, tail 270 out, FS & BS boardslide, FS & BS lip slide, nose press, tail press, nose press 180 out, nose press to tail press.

What is more important - a technique or style?
I think that technique is.

That said, how were your parents and friends when you got the flow-sponsorship?
The parents were delighted, but my friends supported me, and immediately praised me.

How do things stand with the snowboard and skate scene in Nizhniy Novgorod?
Well, we have built a very cool snowboard park in Caves Canyon, a lot of good skate parks; the most legendary being Quay Fedorovsky.

Who are your favorite skaters and snowboarders?
Skaters:  Paul Rodriguez, Dennis.  Snowboarders: Leontief

Your final words.
I wish you all good luck, never give up.