May 11


It was a trek from Mammoth Lakes, California in General Kass’ Super Jeep through the Oregon Outback to Mt. Bachelor.


The boys decided to camp it out at Fort Grenade down near the Deschutes River.

With Tom Palley, Colin Langlois, Dustin Craven, and Eric Messier.

Colin Langlois.


The crew had a blast doing day missions up to the park that was constructed by the best builders in the world!!!!  Lane Knaack from Boreal made the most noise and built a shreddable bunker and an insane step up that Colin manhandled with one arm.

Tom Palley.

And Tom agan.

Some crazy shredder that intentionaly caught his nose on the rail and nailed this sketchy front flip.

Colin Langlois.

Fort Weird.

Dustin Craven really dropped the biggest bombs on the Gatorade hip while General Kass fed the troops. Brian Regis was in the field seasoning the Seven Springs jump and documenting the madness.

Dustin Craven catching HUGE AIR!

Eric Messier.

The General.

Danny over Pinsky.

The BBQ.

Feeding the Troops.

Dustin, Tom, and Danny at the BBQ.

Danny & Tom


Dustin Craven

Great times with Snowboarder Magazine and big thanks to their crew. Until next season shred the world!

Eric Messier and Tom Palley pack Super Jeep.

General Danny Kass packing.

Thanks Snowboarder Mag!  We're out of here!!!