Feb 24



The 2010 Winter Olympics are in full swing up in Vancouver, BC!  Grenade was there in full effect enjoying the beautiful weather and crushing the Superpipe!

Congratulations to Grenade Riders Scotty Lago, Louie Vito, Greg Bretz, IPod, Markus Keller, and Ben Kilner on making their selective teams and representing their countries to the world!

With less than perfect pipe conditions the snowboarders up at Cypress really had to step up there game and show the world what they were made of this week.  The riding all across the field was insane.  2 Flips 1 Pipe was the standard and we are happy to say our Grenade Soldiers definitely set the tone for their heats.

Scotty Lago is a BOSS!  Completely ruled the Pipe with some of the best runs of his life!  We are so darn proud of you Scotty!  Olympic Podiums are nothing to take lightly and Scotty Lago will go down in History as Vancouver 2010's Mens Superpipe Bronze Medalist!  Have fun relaxing for a bit amigo and stay outta trouble!!

The Olympics are a big deal.  We would like to give special thanks to Monster Energy ( www.monsterenergy.com ) and Oakley ( www.oakley.com ) for all the hospitality and really making our Olympic experience something to tell the kids about.

Oakley had so many athletes in the Games.  They pretty much ruled Yaletown with a private VIP Hostile called the Safehouse.  Every Podium earning Oakley Athlete made their way through the safehouse all week to collect their personalized Oakley Olympic watches and accept praise from all their affiliates!  It was awesome.  I met almost every Speed Skater on earth and got to attend a few Hockey Games!

Monster definitely kept the after hours ablaze with a VIP party on top of Grouse Mtn. with special guest Kid Sister!  It was insane.  Dance Party, Food, Drinks, Monster Babes, Blue Montgomery, Cody Dresser, Evan Lefebvre, Nelson Phillips,  Dustin Craven, 2 time Olympic Medalist General Danny Kass, what more could you want!

And last but not least we would like to extend a big up to Grenade Rider Dustin Craven!  Dustin barely missed being on the Canadian Olympic Team but still got to ride with everyone during the event!  Check out his handplants!  Showing the masses some real snowboarding!  Party On Dustin!

See you in 4 Years!