Oct 9


Scotty Lago, along with other Flow Team Riders Tim Humphreys, Scot Brown, and Atshushi Ishikawa, are featured in this fresh cut on Transworld.tv.  Watch this killer footage and sneak peek our brand new Sub-Zero Mitts worn by Scotty Lago.  These Mitts are part of Grenade Gloves Winter 2012-13 line and will be hitting your local Grenade dealer or favorite online Grenade retailer this month!  
Learning To Fly In Hakuba, Japan here.

From Transworld Snowboarding:

Find out why heli-ing in Japan is just starting to change after 50 years and why riding the trees and out-of-bounds still isn’t totally accepted by the culture in the Learning To Fly In Hakuba feature from the October issue. Or get the full issue for your iPad here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/transworld-snowboarding/id395403589?mt=8