Mar 29



The 4 star TTR / FIS Snowcrown went down again this year exceeding all expectations and blowing minds once again. Once known as the National Championships this event has far surpassed that reputation. With over $40,000 in cash and prizes it was definitely a stop not to miss.

True to the nature of weather in Calgary and Canada Olympic Park we saw chinooks turn into blizzards and wind storms. Always challenging but accepted in this sport. As announcer Brad Baxter said on the mic, “if you don't like the weather in snowboarding then go play tennis!”

365 Sports organized an amazing show again this season with insane sound, illuminated features, custom branding and get this... over 200 unique competitors making it the largest participated freestyle snowboard event in Canadian history. With both halfpipe and slopestyle disciplines, in both Jr and Open categories, and the addition of the new concept from 365 “GROMINATION”, it was a super busy fun packed week.

Athletes from all provinces and territories competed along side athletes from Japan, Australia, and the United States. The amount of media; including television, radio and print coverage received was nothing short of impressive.

“This thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger!” said Snowcrown founder and former pro Jesse Fulton “We’re actually going to have to make this a 10 day event / festival with all the participation and to make sure all the athletes get a good ride and a fair chance,” he added.

Many people aren’t aware of how this event came to life but we got some history on it. In 2010 the Nationals had a total participation of 36 athletes, in 2011 the Nationals were actually cancelled. That following year, Jesse and 365 sports co-owner Perry Meeker flew to Barcelona for the World Championships and sold the idea of a new event look, concept and feel to the powers that be at Canada-Snowboard. The catch... 365 Sports will take all the activation and financial burden of the event, all the responsibility and all the risk. Without sponsors, or a solid plan, the team at 365 Sports pooled resources and worked hard and diligently to make this concept a reality.

“We basically started from scratch and we had just six months to figure it out. It was a challenge but it was an awesome experience. Without the support of Canada Snowboard and a new infusion of sponsors, we could not have made it happen and in the end it was a success”, said Meeker. “The truth is that we knew this was an investment into the sport and into a new business venture and we were well aware that

we most likely would be paying for the Championships out of our own pocket which ended up being the case”, he continued.

365 Sports is confident that the Snowcrown has now shown Canadian Freestyle Snowboarding a new avenue and new level of event for all athletes across the country and all abilities. It is the one event that any Canadian Snowboarder can participate in and give themselves a better idea of where they sit on their ability and competitive level in the sport.

Over the week we saw fantastic runs, ability and support from athletes and parents. The addition of great sponsors such as the New Sony Action Cam, Ripzone and Powderoom and their new look. The hand painted championship crowns were donated by Sandbox. Grenade was even there with full camo tent and more swag to toss then we have seen in a while.

365 would like to thanks all the athletes, Olympians, teams and coaches, Winsport, Alberta Snowboard Association, Government of Alberta, Canada Snowboard, Alberta Sport, Recreation Parks and Wildlife Foundation as well as all the great sponsors that made this event a huge success!

Check out the photo gallery for pics and stay tuned for all the upcoming event and Sony Action Cam vids dropping over the next week. For more info go to or . Podium shots are below, and you can find the official results HERE.


Podium shots with the Izzard brothers.