Apr 23



Grenade Games 6 - Day 3 Teaser from monster canada on Vimeo.



Grenade Games 6 - Day 3 from monster canada on Vimeo.




Words by Dano Pendygrasse!


When we first came up with the idea for the Dual Slalom Mogul contest, we had a vision of a sunny, slushy mogul run, on a warm spring day, with music and barbecue and good times. Then we had to run it on an ice rink last year at Grenade Games 5.


Well this year brought us the conditions we’ve been waiting for; sun, warm temperatures and luckily a crew of slightly deranged and fearless snowboarders to boot. Vinyl Ritchie brought the tunes, The bbq was fired up and so was everyone who came out to watch, at last we had the contest we set out to have.

If you’ve ever seen those 70’s ski films with the daffy and spread eagle shots, with the tights and hot chicks in I SKI sunglasses, well then you know how fun moguls used to be. We added a Grenade twist and made everyone go around gates. Head to head. With mandatory airs in the middle.


This is what is becoming legendary about the Grenade Games, really good snowboarding but a without a hint of seriousness. In the end last year’s winner Myrosha Daley managed to prove that he was no fluke and beat Dennis Bannock in the finals to take third place and stay on the podium, but the final pitted Pablo Aristeguieta against local legend Travis Williams. And who won? Mark Sollors!

Well, Mark won “Most Radical dude” of the day for his straight line, karate chopping, ass over tea kettle crashing performance all day long. He’s in serious contention for Most Radical dude of the week after his performance at Sushi Village.


Pablo won the day though, but so did everyone else who was there. Tonight is the “Dark Side of the Grenade” rock party at Buffalo Bill’s. I just hope that everyone stays sober so they can drop into the massive 22 foot superpipe tomorrow.


Stay tuned.


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