Jun 16



With summer rolling in we welcome camp season for the eager masses who look to continue their shredding.  Mt. Hood offers High Cascade and Windells.  Both elite camps with experienced instructors and riders spreading skills to apprentices of all ages.  We've been keeping a close eye on their Tweets and Facebook feeds to catch a glimpse of what's happening.  From the look of things, we wish we were up on the hill with everyone else.

Here are some clips from Windell's Vimeo Page.

Windells counselor Gared Schneider doing a grab 2 grind on the first day on hill!

Forrest Bailey, Nial Romanek, and Will Bateman take a top to bottom lap from the opt of Palmer, through Windells, through public park and to the mile! The run is over 2 miles long! Not bad for summer shredding!


Here's a video from last season on High Cascade's Vimeo Page.  We just had to share this because Grenade team riders Louie Vito and Scott Lago really rip up this 22' mammoth of a pipe.

Don't take our word for it, listen to US Team Pipe Coach Mike Jankowski and see it go down for yourself... Last summer we built a 22' Olympic size pipe to help our snowboarding bald eagles bring some shiny metal objects back to the nest.