Jul 20




Let’s face it -- GRENADE stickers are fantastically popular.  One could discover a Skull Bomb in the farthest depths of the Earth at any given moment.  Our 4”, 8.5” and 9” die cuts of glory are one of the main reasons we have advanced so far in world domination.  Our movement of peace, love and shredding is so strong and GRENADE stickers are largely responsible for this. 

…And no wonder.  We have a massive group of Soldiers that’s 10,000 large willing to plaster GRENADE stickers anywhere they see fit.  Mission GGAM12: Best Sticker Job calls for GRENADE ARMY Soldiers to submit images of their decaling antics.  We went through hundreds of submitted mission completions and handpicked a few creative interpretations of this objective.


Depending on where the sticker has been placed, this also overlaps into GGAM32: Urban Reconnaissance Mission.   This campaign requires Soldiers to scout out for GRENADE sightings in unique environments that exposes the brand to a larger mass of people.  This is one of our favorite mission objectives available to the Army.  Remember Cadets!  WE MUST EXPLOIT!


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!