Nov 22


  Greetings Shredders!

Congratulations to Grenade Army Soldier Sophia Quadri, #9984, of Levittown, NY! PV2 QUADRI has been selected at random for November's Grenade Army product drawing.  Follow up by emailing to earn your winnings Sophia!

Every month we pick a random ID number via  The winner scores even more Grenade contraband. WINNERS MUST NOTIFY ARMY@GRENADEGLOVES.COM IF THEIR NUMBER IS SELECTED IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR WINNINGS.


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!