Aug 31


Be sure to catch The General DANNY KASS, Grenade Team rider SCOTTY LAGO, along with Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, and other legendary riders in Absinthe Films 2012 release, RESONANCE.  Sponsored by Grenade Gloves.

Click for North American Premiere Tour dates:

It's time. The crew at Absinthe Films is ready to unleash the Sphere of Influence tour onto North America. We're excited to share our newest film, Resonance, with you and your friends. We are proud to say this year's tour is carbon neutral again. Watch for the Greasebus to roll through town, a bus powered by vegetable oil, and you will know company has arrived. Meet us at one of the listed art house theaters, catch the new flick, snag badass giveaways and meet featured riders. Get stoked for winter and see Resonance on the big screen first!

Click for Premiere Tour Dates in Europe:

The Absinthe Films premiere tour will be rolling again presenting the latest release Resonance in a crystal sharp HD projection. Be there to witness what some of the worlds best snowboarders experienced during the last winter. Who is the rider everybody will be talking about, what are the new tricks and what lines let your heartbeat freeze. We kick off the tour in Zürich and then be rolling through Europe with the whole Absinthe entourage, coming to selected cinemas and clubs near you. Be there to meet the riders and filmers of Absinthe Films. Snatch give-aways, Absinthe shirts, movies, posters and kick off the winter with us. Stay tuned with Absinthe Films on Facebook...